Tuesdaysinger: Richard Ragnvald

They are so nice in the city. Just ask Richard Ragnvald that Tuesday afternoon gave his concert extra energy in the house.

Here was more than 120 members of the Pensioners ' Association prepared a song full afternoon . A Richard Ragnvald dressed in cream-colored suit, disappointed them certainly does not . It was an extremely enthusiastic concert . Even though the coffee cups were empty into the break. - Otherwise, it's not a good sign when you have to sing before people have had coffee and cake.

It might make them a little impatient. But it's a great crowd , and I have been treated really well up here. It provides extra energy , said the country known Danish pop singer during the break .

This is how far was the singer's concerns otherwise blown away like leaves in the autumn wind . The 120 spectators rocked up and down the river, shared smiles out the length and breadth of the tables and were all taken to the singer's whim. - Now is the time record that we take each other's hands , it sounded several times , and the rows of seats followed its call to numbers like " Faith Hope and Love " . A local woman did apparently an indelible impression on the singer, for Jytte - on one of the chairs closest to the stage - was offered a trip to the altar of
Richard Ragnvald whose hair is probably gray, but still flies fiery as a teen .

Pensioners' Association are using self Ragnvald song " The small" at its meetings so under the President could almost sing with a clear voice . The song could also be a label for the majority of Danish pop songs . For about the presence in daily life , the joy of all that is right under one's nose .

- I'm just now starting to record my 20 plate , and it actually takes place near here . In Svenstrup with musician Jan Larsen , who is a very clever guy told Richard Ragnvald , while he too was given a bun and a piece of pastry. More than 200 songs , he eventually recorded . " Dear little grandmother " is still the one that sticks most to the name Ragnvald , although the number actually never took the tip of the Danish top.

It did turn " Thank you that we are friends ," holds the record as the coolest number 1 16 weeks it took to overthrow the perch . The preliminary final Ragnvaldsang being given one of the most memorable . It's " You're my pride and joy " from Morten Koch film " Flint Sons " from 1959. - I came up with actor Ib Mossin who sang it in the movie, and it turned out that he had not sung it since . He wanted to record it again, so I picked him up in Aalborg airport so we could record it as a duet in Svenstrup , told Richard Ragnvald over the pastry .

After a jacket change came several songs , before heading south for the entertainer . Soon , however, it goes north again - the new album from Svenstrup should have been ready for the new year.sammen med kommunen, havde 25-30 hjælpere i sving med serveringen og afvikling af et stort lotteri.